Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stylin' Perky Gramma turns 58 today...

My newest addition to my farm clothing. First, I am very fair skinned and I burn very easily, even when using sun screen. I once burned UNDER my clothes when I was in Jamaica while covered up head to toe. I was working outside building homes for unwed mothers who lived on the street in inner city Kingston.
Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about protective farm wear and decided that a prairie bonnet really would be the best option for my gardening and outdoor work. The best hat to protect me from the sun, the aprons that are practical and have pockets for gathering eggs. I got this lovely bonnet from Katie's Mercantile online store for $15. (633)
The material is lightweight, the brim is wide and the best thing is the ruffle in back which will cover my neck. If you check Katie's Mercantile on FaceBook, they currently have some sale "bundles".

I can hear my mother now "Just another phase for Dorothy". I have always viewed clothing as sort of a costume. Hip huggers and a suede floppy hat in the 70's, Army combat rifle team, designer suits for office work, the Story Teller, human trafficking t-shirt. 

At the end of this year I will be trading in my Starbucks uniform for farm appropriate clothing. While I have and always will be a jeans & t-shirt kid of gal,  like I said lately I have really been thinking about comfortable clothing.   
So with that in mind, I also got a jumper, shirt slip and several apron style jumpers. They are simply lovely, but I need to have all of them altered. Which is fine, since they are very cost effective to start with in my opinion. I now know what adjustments I need to make next time I place an 

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