Wednesday, March 11, 2015

4 Simple Little Memes

Meme tips are interesting. Surely people test these out before sharing. This is a simple tip. I am just not a fan of microwave ovens. Personally I like using the stove. Often I have seen the tip about microwaving crystallized honey, I prefer to put the jar in a saucepan of water and heat it up. Works just as well. When I was making this and writing about a "no electricity" solution I was referring more to reminding myself that you could apply this to gas stove, on a fire or even in a Sun oven.

Grout Cleaner
Maybe all the meme tips work for some. I will sometimes capture a meme and wait until I am able to try it out.
Cleaning Grout with hydrogen peroxide & baking soda
Now maybe I did this incorrectly, but this was a complete disaster for me. It took hours to clean the mess up. 

Glass (& Eyeglass) Cleaner
My girlfriend asked me why bother doing this? I laughed, again I like trying things out. Sure eyeglass cleaner or glass cleaner cost very little to purchase but why store these items when I know I am able to make my own vinegar.
Plus, I save that buck or two for other things I need to store & it healthier without the chemicals.

Making Cocoa from Scratch is Very Simple
Mr. Perky liked to purchased premade cocoa. Personally I am not a fan. I store all the items already, so I started to make up a jar for him to take with him to work. He shakes it up and heats it in a microwave. LOL, He is a fan of the microwave oven. Besides, I think it taste better & without those chemicals in the packaged cocoas. 

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