Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tattling Great Things about Tattlers...

As in all things, I tend to prepared for a time without electricity. Imagine say a year into an age without power & you have run out of normal canning lids. You are able to still do your pressure canning AND you happened to have Tattler Reusable Lids.
Finished off pressure canning the last of my Zaycon bacon order. This time I remembered to use my Tattler lids. Tattlers are a great reusable canning lid! You read that correctly, the Tattler Lids are specifically designed to be reusable, because they utilize a two part lid system.

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Even if you are buying the lids at the regular price, I believe you will recoup your purchase after using them 5 times, then it is like having FREE canning lids!. But I also like to save money. Tattler usually has a good sale on their website around October. That is when I purchased a entire gross of lids & rings. I will announce it as soon as I see the sale. So save up your money.

The method used for canning with Tattler lids is a little different than normal canning lids. Here are the directions from their site.

EDITED: With the Tattlers, I did have a couple failures; but I determined that I got the rubber gasket askew on top which then didn't create a proper seal. So take care when placing the rubber gasket on the jar. ~Perky~

So here is my batch: the lids, holding the hot lids down, tightening the lids down.

Tightening the lids down AFTER canning...

Here is the batch all done!

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