Thursday, March 26, 2015

Test Results of Several Storage Containers

One of the hardest things I found initially was how to store what, where, with what & how long it would last. It drove me nuts!

NOTE: All plastic packing is permeable to oxygen to some level, just some are better than others.

1. The first is PET jars. PET is the designation that it is safe for food storage. Alone, IMHO it doesn't provide long term storage. I now am converting to using these containers for my everyday storage.

Note the shape is curved on these containers below. Only the left one "sucked in". The one with the metal lid on the left I purchased at a local brick and mortar store, I haven't been able to find any that match them. I did find some PET jars which I purchased online. They were a dismal failure and shipping was outrageous. Also, the ones from Walmart don't work for long term storage.

2.The lid/seal makes a huge difference. On the left is a PET container with a metal lid & an O2 absorber. On the right is a PET container with a plastic lid (note: no real seal). If you look at the picture, you will note the sides of the container on the left is “sucked in”.

3. Canning jars: I am currently using these containers a lot for storage. They are cost effective and the glass & air doesn't permeate the glass. Much better for long term storage.
Vacuum sealed canning jars with the Food Saver. Storing Chocolate and Other Happy Items. <--- This post cover how to, what vacuum sealer I use and the alternative for vacuum sealing without electricity.
I now use the vacuum sealer for loads of various foods. 


4. Vacuum Sealing with the FoodSaver bags: Here I packaged macaroni and cheese.  Using two packages at time. I poured each "package of pasta" into a sandwich baggie (to maintain the portion. Added them, then the two packages of "cheese". Cut out the directions (one per bag) and slipped it into the food saver bag away from the food.

My thoughts are that they will last longer than PET jars, but not as long a canning jars. I rarely use this for long term storage now, but it is great for freezing.

5. Mylar bags: Here are some tips on using them for storage & where to get them.

This was pretty interesting. I put off using Mylar bags for awhile. But now that I have done it, you can be assured I will be doing it more often. At 38 cents a bag, it is a VERY economical way of storing. I got these 1 gallon Mylar bags (7 m.m. thick, which is really heavy duty) from LDS org. $94 for a case of 250 with free shipping. 

You can spend less money for bags with oxygen absorbers on Amazon with various sizes available. (associates link)


The first thing I stored in Mylar bags was sugar (store sugar without oxygen absorbers) Getting ready. Took me awhile to find my iron. I don't iron anymore. Now it is my prepping equipment.

I put about 5 lbs. of sugar in each gallon bag. Squished the air out. You can use a straw to suck ore air out if you want. I wasn't too worried about it with the sugar. Then sealed with an iron set on medium.

Leave several inches on the top for a good seal. I tested the seal by gently shaking upside down. Labeled with sharpie. Then placed in a 5 gallon bucket.

Why, oh why didn't do this before?
I haven't gone the route of storing a lot of items in 5 gallon containers. I just haven't found the need. Though I have purchased already sealed 5 gallons containers of items like wheat.

With that said, I now focus on storing most of my food in Mylar bags or canning jars. Actually storage is a great use for those 1/2 gallon canning jars. This week I finished vacuum sealing the last of my noodles.

The reason I have this specific FoodSaver linked below, is that is comes with the accessory port and line already. When we purchased it, that wasn't a consideration; but now that I am vacuum sealing with canning jars it is one of the most important features. The lid attachments are the other accessory needed for vacuum sealing the canning jars.



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  2. Hey nice work here on the storage containers for your food! They look impressive and seem to really help things last a long time!