Saturday, March 14, 2015

3 Easy Steps: Properly Diluting Essential Oils

While I am a complete novice at essential oils, I have added them to coconut oil (the solid kind). This is the first time I have added an oil to fractionated coconut oil in a roll-on bottle.

Frankincense is the first essential oil that I have purchased because I used it up completely. Personally for me, I have found it to very helpful in reducing pain

Since I am so new to this I first consulted Properly Diluting Essential Oils. I actually use this site frequently as a resource. 

1) I re-used the roller bottle that had frankincense in it. I popped out the roller ball assembly.
2) Then I had a 10cc syringe someone had gifted me. I used that to draw the fractionated coconut oil out of the bottle & then squirted it into the bottle. It worked perfectly. 

3) Then I added the drops of oil into the bottle & popped the roller ball back onto the bottle.

"3% Dilution (3 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil; 15-18 drops per ounce) – best used short-term for a temporary health issue, such as a muscle injury or respiratory congestion. Up to 10% dilution is fine, depending on the health concern, the age of the person, and the oils being used."

I am gearing up to make more pre-diluted roll-ons. So, I am gathering additional items like more new roller bottles and syringes. 

Simply sharing my journey....

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