Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Helpful Storage Tip

The reason I appear to be organized is that if I didn't use these tips, I would never be able to find my canning utensils when it came time to can. I actually store my canning utensils in this bag I got for $1 at Target. I keep the weight, timer and canning booklet in the little pocket on the front. 

When I get my pressure canner out to use, I then hang the bag out of the way on a shelf close to my stove (below). I actually have two sets of utensils in this bag. It has come in very handy several times when I have dropped one of my utensils on the floor. I just reach inside and get out a second one that is clean. 

Then when the items are clean again, I put the bag inside my canner when I am not using it. As you see I have helpers. They always show up when I am canning. 

 Since I have two canners, I have one bag of utensils in each canner. 

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