Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What & Why Zaycon?

What & Why Zaycon?
Get your freezer bags, pressure canner and jars ready...


Spring and fall are Zaycon Chicken Event time in my world. I get loads of canning jars, freezer bags & order my Zaycon chicken. 
The fall “Zaycon Chicken Event” is currently running, plus in some areas they are offering frozen Wild Sockeye salmon, frozen premium Alaskan cod, hickory smoked bacon, bacon wrapped pork fillets, just to name a few other delicious options available.  

  1. Click the link & Register. This is my unique link (clicking on the link will list me as your referral):
  2. After you register you will receive your unique referral link & SHARE YOUR LINK with your friends.
  3. Then subscribe to an area (or two, depending how far you will travel) under the location tab. You may have to travel a little bit, I travel about an hour for my events. If there isn't a location fairly close to you at this time, still register and then spread the word. It took about 6 months for an event to start in my local area.
  4. Order your chicken.
  5. Then the day of your local event, you drive up, hand them your confirmation, they load it in your car.
Why Zaycon? My reasons:
It's such a great price for a pound for boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
But, even better it's 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients, raised cage free. The feed they use for the chickens is non-GMO. Comes directly from the processor and has never been frozen. They are not "certified" organic. At $1.89 pr pound you may find a cheaper price, but you won't get the quality of this chicken that they offer. It is truly that good!
I am not the only person who loves their products: Why My Friends Love this Thing Called Zaycon
Sold by 40 lbs. cases. If need be, split a case the first time with a friend.  I did that the first time with a friend, the next time we ordered 60 lbs. each.

This is really great chicken, I have been saving my money and waiting for this.
Look at the size of the breasts.

Want a better deal? Get credits for referring friends & family.

The power comes from sharing with your friends. This is an amazing deal. First you go to Zaycon and register. After you have signed up, you share your unique referral code with friends on Facebook, etc. and you received $1 credit each time they order. Those credits don't expire either. So spread the word.

Zaycon's announcement:

Friends, family, neighbors... EVERYBODY! It's coming back! Zaycon Foods' famous, delicious, all-natural, awesomely affordable boneless skinless chicken breast sales events are NOW OPEN ALL ACROSS AMERICA!
We have chicken breast sales events planned for the early fall in all 48 continental states. You can place your orders right now. We're committed to making this our best round of chicken sales events ever, so we are sourcing our meats from the finest farms we could find, we have added more inventory and locations than ever before, and we have managed to get the price down again!

Even though we have hundreds of sales events scheduled, chances are that we will still sell out of all this great chicken, so place those orders just as soon as you can.

(And don't forget about our many other events taking place in various regions right now and for the rest of the summer. There might even be a Zaycon event happening soon just down the street from you!)

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