Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting to Know the Not So Amish Wife

Mr. Perky has started saying that our new neighbors are going to think an Amish family has moved into our house. 
He caught this picture of me in my new jumper dress from Katie's Mercantile, while I was adding some noodles to storage. Which will be the last noodles I store because now I am going to start hand making my noodles, since I have everything stored. 
Not teaching anything today, just sharing a little of my heart.
Honestly, I had no clue where this journey would be headed when I started out. All I know is that it has really touched a distant memory in my heart and soul.
Our society has gotten so far away from the land it concerns me. I am really enjoying transitioning to the new farmstead, meeting the neighbors. Thursday one of the neighbors asked if their daughter could fish in our pond and I was excited. The is the same neighbor who has been giving us horse manure. 
I want my grandchildren to know where their food comes from, to pet chickens, to fish from our pond. I want them to be able to run barefoot in the grass or lay out at night on a blanket and gaze at the stars.

Awhile ago I started to recognize that what I was doing was something I actually dreamed of as a teenager in the 70's. I wanted a self-sufficient farm with a windmill and all. I drew up plans and everything. Somewhere along the line, I got caught up in just living life and forgot those dreams. 
This is something that I have felt destined to do, returning to the land, sharing with others, teaching as I go. I am grateful to have you all along for the journey, for you add a dimension of joy and hope.
Thank you.

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