Friday, March 20, 2015

Navy Beans & Ham Soup (100% Stored)

Simple meal for cold weather. I thought I had shared this recipe for Navy Bean Soup. I was wrong. This could be used with many types of beans. Since it is pressure canned, they sit on my shelf ready to open on a cold and dreary day. We also make corn muffins to go with this meal. This is one of the few things I add ketchup to, because my dad did. LOL. 
Since ham will be on sale soon, this is a great time to prepare these for a quick meal.

1. I did three pounds of beans specifically so I could can them.
Soak the beans in water overnight. Drain in the morning.

2. Add water to cover the beans, and several cloves of garlic. You may want to add onion also. Add a very meaty ham bone. Bring to a boil and cook for about an hour. May need to add water as you go. Also, Vicky reminded me if you leave the spoon in (see it on the left) and the lid on top, it will prevent boil overs.

3. Cutting the extra meat off the bone

4. I added a cooked clove of garlic to the bottom of each jar for more flavor. 
I also added more meat, because I had plenty & we like it.


5. Filled the quart jars.

6. Wiped the rims with white vinegar.

7. I pressure canned the quart jars at 10# for 90 minutes (for my altitude), because it has meat in it.

It's that easy to add additional meals to your storage. Now can't you see them lined up on your shelf?

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