Friday, October 11, 2013

Food Saver Attachment Basics

We have had multiple discussions about the Food Saver as a great tool for vacuum sealing storage, particularly in canning jars. When you purchase your Food Saver you need to insure that it has an “accessory port”.
When I first started canning, I hoarded my canning jars, since I had so few. I didn't have a stash from years of canning or handed down to me. 
Realistically I have found that canning jars are a VERY cost effective & efficient way to store food. Even buying them new they only cost a little over a dollar a jar.
We use our Food Saver Attachments frequently.  You can find the attachments for sale on for under $10 each. I recommend getting both the wide mouth and regular mouth attachment. Remember, if you spend over $25 (of eligible labeled items, they ship for free). See the links below.

This is  photo album on facebook that goes over the simple basics of using a Food Saver for dry storage. Using the air port.

Kellene Bishop from Preparedness Pro has a wonderful instruction video,

If you  are having difficulty getting a seal, try placing two lids on top, then the attachment. It will only seal the bottom lid.

If you are doing a powder type product, you can either place in individual plastic bags OR add a small coffee filter on the top of the jar to stop the fine powder from being sucked up into the tubing.

Feel free to add our own personal tips here or on Facebook & I will edit this post so we will now have a centralized location to refer people too, who are having questions.

Another tip from Tammy Milasmom: "Try taking out the Food Saver attachment's gasket and then reinstalling it. I have to do that constantly to get it to work."

I tend to promote the same products every time. At this point I have decided to monetize these referrals via Amazon. They remain at the same cost to you, but I will receive a % of the sale. I promise that I will only link products that I personally have purchased & used. .  

This is the Food Saver that we use.

This is one that is less expensive
These are the Attachment lids:

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