Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three young inspirations...

    • So these are my 3 little ones. The one on the left is the youngest  He is holding his favorite bunny. He knows this bunny will be harvested here in the next 2 weeks. They have learned it is ok to love something and realize that it needs to be utilized as food as well. 
      The middle one is one of the twins (she is a girl not boy). She is holding one of our New Zealand bunnies that was born a few weeks ago. She will not be harvested but saved to breed. We named her Grumpy bunny. My middle son is on the right. He is the other twin. He is holding a black Astrolorp (sp). This is not our chicken. We are babysitting for friends of ours and the kids fell in love with those chickens. I don't know if you can see her or not but our goat spice is in the back ground. She is sick. She has anemia from worms so we are pumping her full of iron and medicine.
    • My oldest is 18. He has no interest. Although I talk about what I am doing and teach him every opportunity I get. I'm sure he is sinking in the things I say. He sees me canning, gardening and taking care of animals. We have failed to have him practice shooting. He has been taught but no practice. That's kinda like not being taught as I don't know if he can still load and shoot. 

      My youngest boys 9 and 11 participate frequently with canning, gardening and animal care as well as harvesting our animals for food. They love to participate. We raise meat rabbits and our first harvest was tough. When the bunnies were born the kids knew they were not to be pets as we will eat them. They still named a few of their favorites. Come harvest day the kids retrieved their favorite bunny and held it until it was time.

      My 9 year old boy said he wanted to kill his own bunny. Kids now days need to learn the cycle of life. Parents are not allowing their kids to experience this. Such a shame. (wussification of American) One day we had a stray dog on our property and my 9 year old went and got the gun for me, loaded it and asked if he could shoot the dog. Of course I said no I did not want him to steal my glory. It was only a pellet gun to harm him. We did not kill him. What you don't understand is I don't know how to load a gun. I can shoot but that's about as far as I go. I have failed in that practice as well. I REALLY NEED TO PRACTICE! 

      But my other 11 year old girl is all about gardening, canning, baking, farming, guns etc  She is my go to girl when I need something done. She will do it. She always inspects the animals and updates me on their condition. For example she grabbed our rooster, Dr. Eggman (he he cute name) one day and brought him in to show me had had lost some feathers and his chest was red. She just jumps right in and takes over. I do a lot of teaching will all my kids because I tell them someday mommy and daddy may not be here and y'all will need to take over. 

      • This is the notorious Dr. Eggman. My oldest son named him. He looks mean in this picture. He has attacked my daughter a couple times but it was because she had a dangling dress on and I guess he felt threatened. He is a good man of the house. He protects those hens very well.

      My oldest 15 year old daughter....well lets just say she is too busy with makeup and hair etc etc, I do teach her as well. They just don't know I'm teaching them. I try to find every opportunity to sneak in an educational series. Homeschooling my 3 youngest has been a God send as they have learned more about daily life as well as school. It is a daily conscientious decision to try to teach them something every day. Whether they know it or not. I hope that I am being a role model for them
        • Sooo the long winded moral to the story is, teach your kids as you prep. They will retains some info.
        • Blessings'
        • Oh, I'm canning my Zaycon chicken now!!!

          We all need to learn how to clean,load and shoot a gun. DH and I just talked about this today. We will be going up to the country to tackle this feat. Our wonderful pastor has a cabin in the woods so we can go there. We are super blessed to have our wonderful church family. Tear. I will send you a picture when they get done with their chores. Blessings

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