Friday, October 11, 2013

Pressure canners & supplies...

When you are canning low acid foods, such as meat you need to use a pressure canner, NOT a pressure cooker. There is a difference.
I started with a 16 qrt Presto Pressure Canner. Mine doesn't have a pressure gauge.
NOTE: When deciding which size to purchase, always measure the distance from the surface of your stove to whatever may be hanging over your stove top! And buy the largest that will fit. Check the dimensions in the products description before buying.
I know several people that have gotten their pressure canner, only to find out it won't fit on their stove top. Talk about a very sad moment.
DISCLAIMER:: I tend to promote the same products all the time. At this point I have decided to monetize these referrals via Amazon. They remain at the same cost to you, but I will start to receive a % of the sale. I promise that I will only link products that I personally have purchased & used & I will work at making sure each item qualifies for "free shipping" with a $25 purchase. 

After buying my first pressure canner, I started saving for my All-American pressure canner. This time, I was looking for a size large enough to "double stack" (two layers of canning jars) my jars for larger canning jobs.
One of the things I really like about the All-American is that it is sturdier & far less replacement parts to replace.

 Then start looking into buying extra supplies and parts for your canner. Remember one is none, two is one...
In other words, if something does happen (stuff hits he fan) and you don't have back up parts, you probably will not be able to can anymore. So, stock up on additional rubber gaskets, gauges, regulators, canning racks & utensils.


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