Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stroll down memory lane...

It's been one year ago today, that I started this facebook journey of simply sharing what I do to become prepared. I didn't even think about people following little ol' me. I just needed an alter ego to be able to share on other sites. 
First, I want to thank all of YOU! For some reason I have been blessed with experienced preppers and newbies alike from the beginning. I am grateful that you encourage not only me, but each other on this journey. It is still a amazing to me. 
My first profile picture was simply cooking green beans, I didn't even know, I could use this pan for BWB. Didn't know what that was. This treasure was left to my by my mom-in-law.

The first picture I posted was of my nifty "banana boxes". "Some early preps. I like banana boxes. I get them for free, they are convenient & they stack really well on shelves. They tend to hold 15 cans or packages (vege's etc) Easy to carry around also." 
Then it was a lot of canned items on sale.z
Now I am storing vegetables that I grew in my own garden this year.

Patti Emminger was my very first  "(Y)"
I had done a practice canning session on hamburger two weeks before, so I could learn how to can. I had to "force" my friend to teach me (long time BWB canner), because she had never done meat. LOL.
It was my second time pressure canning. my bgff (bestest, goodest friend forever) & I split a 40 pound box of chicken. I thought that was a LOT of chicken. Next weekend, we are splitting 120 lbs. Still not enough, but I still do it all within a budget.
Things i was talking about then was picking up my first order of Zaycon chicken & that Hurricane Sandy was fast approaching our area.
One milestone was a day late in December when my "likes" soared through the roof from 50 something to 900 something. It was the day I hit my 6 month goal of stored meat meals. Wow! I was so excited! 

From the beginning, I was concerned I wouldn't have enough to share, now I laugh. As long as I keep preparing I have plenty to learn, plenty to share & now you are sharing your leaning journeys.
I am even more excited today, than in the beginning; as I see our community growing & sharing. 

I will continue to share what I am actually doing and what you are doing. I won't post tons of links that go to links, that I implore you to like or share, just to increase traffic. Occasionally I will post a link (with credit) if it is something that is really important to know.

I won't have contests with give-aways. I prefer to offer challenges. I do that because I want you to participate, to be encouraged to actually "do the stuff" we talk about.  

So, today, I am going to share some of my very first post's here on Facebook. Join me on a stroll down memory lane.

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