Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leader of the pack...

    • My son was the one that sat down with me and told me about his concerns. He had been on YouTube and seen some videos. We sat down together for about an hour and watched them together.I learned so much in that hour. I was on board. He used my FB page to search for some pages that he liked. He saw PPG and really liked it. These are real people, not ex military or super preppers, just regular folks, he said. I started following and connected with people like us.

          • He's the one who came to me and explained his concerns. I jumped onboard. It's so funny, but he can explain the Federal Reserve to anyone who asks. He almost got kicked out of class the other day because he challenged a teacher on the shutdown. He's armed with facts, the real ones.
          and only being "almost 16" I'm proud of him. We have come a long way in just a year. He got me a 5 gallon bucket of rice for my birthday! So funny!

I was inspired after reading "One Second After" with my son last month to prep for the the dogs. 8 weeks of water ( thanks Elaine) bags of food, heart worm, flea treatment, ect. In the story, they were eating dogs within 30 days. Made me really think. Also we have an outdoor cat, so she's ready also. She mostly hunts, but I feed her too

 My son accepts your challenge with a smile! He plans on Spam, fried potatoes from our latest canning adventure, and eggs from our chickens. We will season our eggs with peppers and green onions from our garden. You put a big smile on a 15yo boys face! He's almost 16! He told me to put that lol

 yes, both boys are fans, but the younger one is more quiet about it.

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