Saturday, October 19, 2013

Building on a Budget...

It has been a process learning to do prepare on a balanced budget.
(National Geographic, Ancient Egyptians/Books of the Dead ca 1285 bCE Wiki Commons)
Basically at this point in time, when I get paid I put aside money for my tithe and through a processes of eliminating debt & excess spending I now budget 20% for prepping. Well, this pay period, I was out of work for a week (due to that heart episode) & my paycheck reflected that fact. But, I stick to my budget. So this pay period I have a lot less than normal, about $55. That's it.
I simply prioritized what was most important to purchase. So, I got 2 cases of canning jars, a couple of cheese blocks & some more chipped beef.
That's what I have to work with for the next two weeks. BUT, I also have the big canning weekend next week with the Zaycon chicken order..
In the links at the bottom of this post, I go into more detail of learning to work with what you have..

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