Sunday, October 13, 2013


Where else do I do my shopping? 
Welcome to my store on Amazon. I tend to promote the same products all the time. At this point I have decided to monetize these referrals via Amazon. They remain at the same cost to you, but I will start to receive a % of the sale. I promise that I will only link products that I personally have purchased & used.

If you open the link in a new tab, there are other categories included. I hope to expand this soon.

BASIC GRAINS, BEANS, FLOUR, SUGAR AND MORE: LDS Store Seriously, they have great prices & free delivery.

MEAT: Whenever possible, I purchase from Zaycon Foods. They ship bulk meat and other products around the country to various "events". Here is more about What & Why Zaycon  
Check to see if they deliver near you. If not still register, that is how they determine new locations. Also, you may need to travel to get to a location. I travel about an hour away to do my pick-ups and I feel it is well worth the trip.

SHOPPING with Perky: I also suggest simply reading the posts here on this blog. I will most often link to the products I use within each article. This link is just few for you to start out with. Enjoy!

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