Monday, October 21, 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is a Prepper?

Ho! Ho! Ho! “Prepping Santa Claus”
Don't believe it?
First he lives at the North Pole. That is a fairly secure bug in location. Not many people go there and aren't likely to “go to his house” if there is an economic collapse.
When you think about it, St. Nick's bug out vehicle is pretty amazing. A sleigh with flying reindeer. Pretty EMP proof if you ask me.
Then there is the prepping team of elves. They each have their expertise and cross train in various skills.
I can imagine his location is sustainable and self sufficient. When you think about it, the nearest town has got to be hundreds and hundreds of miles away. He can't just pop into town and pick up a gallon of milk. Mr. Claus has a lot of people he supports at his BOL. I would hypothesize that he has hydroponic gardens, cows, goats, chickens, bees...he has it all!
Besides the “Polar Express”, not a lot of people have actually been to his enclave. Obviously his OPSEC is extremely tight.

Then I found this older picture of Santa Claus (Thomas Nash's January, 1881 Harper's Weekly). Please note his survival gear.
Starting from the top left:
Tobacco and toys for children (i.e. rocking horse) for bartering.
Next there is a flask. Being a little old school he prefers to utilize essential oils.
The baby doll represents you must consider the needs of young children when you are prepping.
The belt was included for several reasons, up to including a tourniquet as needed.
His personal BOB, which has para-cord wrapped around it. Ms. Clause has hers in her vehicle.
Books for entertainment and education. Remember all that information online & on your computer, may not be availble.
Beneath the book is a full water bag with an excellent water filtration system.
A can of freeze dried mangos, his personal favorite fruit.
While his defense weapon, a sword, may seem old school; I figure he doesn't share “everything” he has up his sleeve. He “is” Santa after all & has an image to maintain.
Next, (non electric) hand fan & drum for communication in Morse code.
A wind up pocket watch.
Just above that, I know it looks like a pint of Ben & Jerry's; but it is actually a mini-butter churn.
I'm just guessing here, but it also looks like he also has a P38 and/or a whistle.
The final item is a tender box. It includes waterproof, strike anywhere matches, flint and a small amount of tender.

Plus, he gives away gifts. While most assuredly he doesn't need to increase his “likes” on Facebook, He simple shares what he has with others. Santa has got to be a “prepper”.

"Jolly 'Ol St. Nicolas, lean your ear this way.
I won't tell a single soul, what you're going to say.
I know that your prepping too, heard it from your elves.
I would just like you to please share, what's on your storage shelves..."

P.S. Just in case you didn't know, our very own Peter Bendal Kear (and his lovely wife, Mrs. Claus) is a real Santa!
Please fell free to like his FB page (Santa Peter & Mrs. Claus), but remember
his prepper identity is is SECRET to the rest of the world. Shhh....

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