Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Water Kefir (part 3)

Since I have ordered my second batch of water Kefir grains, production has really picked up. Now this is a happy routine. There are many health benefits to the various kefirs, the one that has been the most beneficial to me is it stops my acid reflux in it's tracks. BIG bonus, now I don't have to take OTC's any more.
Here is my set up. Currently I am using 1/2 gallon containers.

Start with organic water kefir grains. you may have a friend who will share, since the grains will grow. I personally ordered mine from Amazon. I started with a smaller size and added more later as our needs grew.
To maintain the health of your kefir grains use non-chlorinated water. While I started with bottled water, I quickly just started a half gallon jar set out with water on the counter, so the chlorine is able to dissipate.  
The second is a jar with the water kefir grains, water and 1/2 cup of organic raw sugar.
The third is one that has the grains strained out & whatever fruit added to it.

Each day I sample the water kefir and when it gets to the effervescent level I like, then I set out all my jars and start by draining the fruit out of jar 3 into storage bottles. This is what I keep in the fridge. If I reach a point that I have a lot of completed Kefir, I have a gallon dispenser that I use.

Next, strain out the water kefir grains out, placing the first fermented water into another 1/2 gallon jar. Put the grains back into the first jar and add the correct amount of sugar and the new water to start the fermentation process again.

Add your fruit at this point. The nice thing, the grains come with directions, it is pretty simple to do and you learn to experiment and find what works for you.

If you need to slow down production, put the jar with the grains in the fridge. Just remember, it still needs to fed some sugar & it will take extra time (days) to warm up the grains again.
I have made raspberry, mango, ginger, kiwi & blueberry Kefir water. Blueberry is Mr. Perky's favorite so far. You may use fresh fruit, dehydrated or freeze dried fruit. My preference is for dehydrated, it seems to concentrate the taste in my opinion. I am going to have to break out my blueberries in simple syrup soon, since we are quickly going through our dehydrated blueberry stock.
As always I enjoy people sharing the progress. Join me on facebook & share a picture. We are on this journey together.
P.S. Just a cool side note: This is what the dehydrated blueberries look like after fermentation. They bloat up and there is NOTHING left inside. 


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  2. Wow, thanks for posting this. I am really looking forward to trying this. I tried milk kefir before and it's just not for me. I couldn't stand the taste of it. I was disappointed I didn't like the taste because of all the health benefits of kefir.

    1. Deana,
      Personally, I way prefer the water kefir.
      I still keep some milk kefir in the fridge and use it when I am making things like lasagna. I use it for one layer. ~Perky~