Saturday, January 3, 2015

No Piggy for Perky...

I wanted a pot bellied pig for years. So long ago, I even forgot. Then the other day Mr. Perky reminded me with our new place I could have one.
Oh, the delight. This was to be a pet pig. 

Being responsible, I started doing my research on pigs.
* Zoning, yippy I now am going to be zoned agricultural! 
* They root. Oh, well, so my dogs dig.
* Expect your potbellied pig to mature about the size of a large canine, between 120 and 150 pounds. None will stay that cute little size often posted in ads (40-50 lbs). I can deal with that, just a little more to love.
* Wait, pigs & dogs don't mix? I read more (and more) on that topic. 

Generally it said never, ever leave dogs and pigs alone together. Pigs are omnivores and dogs carnivores. That won't do. We are gone too much. So, sadly my dream of a piggie will have to wait, when we are able to be home more to monitor them & have a safe place for each to hang out when we are gone.

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