Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pardon our ashes...

DATELINE: December 30, 2014
Literally I am having a fireside chat with you today. Have my latte in hand and ready to chat...
First when I got home from work yesterday, we didn't have heat. So, what did I do? I called Mr. Perky just to let him know, Peter. LOL.
I tell you, Mr. Perky is amazing in my book. He came home and started a fire in the fireplace. After checking the fuses for the HVAC system and the fuse box, he checked the system. I think.
We were toasty through out the evening. Thankfully it is only about 25 degrees outside. We will be living through this with an extra layer of clothes and the fireplace and NOT making an emergency appointment with the HVAC repair people.

We have multiple sources for alternate heat: wood, electric and propane. Plus stored propane (we now have a large propane tank on our new property). 

But, the best thing is years ago Mr. Perky built in a convection system into the fireplace. That baby puts out some massive heat! So, I thought I'd share detailed pictures of the system. The piece on the top is a flat piece of metal. The pipes are attached to the metal to stabilize the system.The system was built on top of the fireplace grate.


He used a blower/fan and cut a hole through the fire screen

He fashioned a pipe that turns up into the long box, which runs along the front of the grate.


The open end of the pipes butt up against the box. The heated air rises through the tubes and flows out of the top and into the room, instead of straight up the chimney. This works so well, we often don't turn on the blower/fan. With the blower turned on to assist, this produces considerable more heat and sort of shoots it out of the top. 

Stay warm this winter...

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