Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Perky Baby Teaches

If the internet had existed in the '50's, I probably would have had a blog entitled “Perky Baby Teaches”. No, seriously. I was having a blast chatting with my mom while she was here. She loves to tell the tale of when I was in first grade and she went to the parent teacher conference. The teacher shared about how she had a stain on her clothing and I told her to try putting something on it to take the stain out (I don't remember what I told her). My mom cringed, fearing my advice had ruined the teachers clothing. Well, guess what, it WORKED and my teacher was overjoyed.
Mom came home and asked me where in the world had I learned that information. I responded “I read it somewhere”. Since that time it is a running joke in my family that I “read it somewhere”.
That has been true my whole life. Mom will attest, I have always read and learned tidbits & shared with others.
If you have a cold, drink ginger tea.
If you are cold (brrr), put a hat on your head.
If you have a sore, try putting honey on it.
How do I know this? I read it somewhere! LOL 

I am just very comfortable with sharing information. I enjoy teaching & have on several topics and for many years. 

Someone gave me this photo (and some others) of me sharing about human trafficking at church. As we transition to our new lifestyle, creating & living on our self sustaining farm I am excited about life. Ideally I would love to just be able to share and teach. I am constantly thinking about what I shall do to earn income when we move. We shall see where this journey leads...

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