Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY How To Make Blueberry Wine: Blueberry Week


Seriously, this is the recipe I wrote down to make the blueberry wine. Here is what it says:
1 pk, 2 gal., ferment, water warm, activate
15-20 day, stir, gas, shy (?), cheesecloth, moonshine jug, balloon w/ pin hole
sit 2 wk, clean, sed. settles, syphon tubing ----> 
arrow, bottles
Now do you know how to make blueberry wine? LOL. Now maybe you will understand when I say I don't use recipes.
Let me try to translate.

I pack of dry active yeast will ferment 2 gallons of juice into wine.
I decided to make only 1/2 gallon of wine for my first time. So I adjusted accordingly.
Add very warm water (110-115 degrees) to the yeast to activate.


Then mix the yeast and the (blueberry) juice.


I decided to start with small batches and test making the wine with honey (on the left and raw organic sugar (on the right). I used 1/4 cup for each batch.

Now it is going to sit on my counter for 15-20 days and will be stirred daily. I opted to use canning jars to store in while fermenting. There are several options to cap off the wine, one was placing a balloon on the top with a pin hole in it to release the gases. I didn't have a balloon so I used rubber gloves. See how they inflated? Just to be silly, I taped the fingers down to create the "I love you" sign. Mr. Perky suggested another sign. He is such a bad boy. But, then one of his nicknames for me is Mary Poppins. 
Just sharing the journey as I learn...

DIY How to Make Blueberry Wine (part 2)

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