Thursday, January 1, 2015

Taking the Next Step...How To Pressure Can

Amy has hanging out in our community for some time now, and got a pressure canner for Christmas!
She shared with me pictures this week of her first pressure canning adventure! This is what I am talking about, YOU taking the next step in your journey.

Making my first attempt at pc (pressure canning) today! Bug wants me to can chicken. So I am canning some chicken breasts. So excited!”

 Didn't want to do big batches till I did trial run. 4 pints chicken and chunky tomato sauce. Give me more to can! Love how easy it was. I did it on a glass top stove. “

I admire Amy so much. She is preparing & teaching for the future of herself and her son Bug. Bug was featured last year on the blog. A great young man who learns needed life skills. Here is his story: It's a Bug's Life (164)

Then there is Crazy Lady Survival-Grow it, Store it, Make it. She lives in Perth, Australia. Do you know how hard it is to get canning supplies across the pond? It is insanely expensive. Yet, she and others make it work. She is another gal who continues to do the right stuff. Check her FB page out. 

"Set up outside for the first time canning. Going to do potatoes mainly, maybe some carrots and asparagus as its in season." 



  1. What type of burner are you using? I have a glass top stove and I hate cleaning the canner after using propane.

  2. She currently just has a 2 ring gas burner that I hook up directly to a gas bottle. Needs some slight tweaks though as the breeze was catching it too much. Have set Mr Crazy the task of making a shroud to go around it as a wind break.