Friday, October 24, 2014

Taking the First Simple Steps in Prepping

Honestly, I think the first step in preparing is making the decision to start prepping.
I remember so vividly in the beginning not having a clue how to start. I didn't know about prepping or that preppers even existed.
That is the main reason I try to stay very focused on sharing what I am doing. Keeping to the basic principles.

After making the decision to actually start preparing, my next step was I started with a simple list. I got up one morning and wrote down a list of everything I used in that day. Note: I said everything. 
The very first things on my list was toilet paper & water. Water is a very important item to store and often one of the later things that people focus on storing. 

One of the first principles that will help you build up your storage of items your actually use is to "use one, buy two". Now that I have developed the habit, it seems so simple to do. I utilize on-line shopping a lot. While I pulled something from my shelf, i.e. a new bottle of aspirin, I simply go to my on-line shopping cart and add two. I wait until I have the requisite amount to get free shipping (Walmart is $50 of qualified items) and the money (usually on payday) and place my order.

My last Walmart order

Note: I have to tell you I didn't stock Ramen noodles at first, in fact this is the first time I ordered the stuff here. I finally ordered some because Mr. Perky keeps buying them. Obviously he likes to eat them in a pinch, so now I am storing some. 
What else you see here is coconut milk (to round out 144 meals of Thai peanut chicken meals), soap, OTC's and 2 large boxes of baking soda. 

TIP: I signed up for Shop at Home, I link through Shop at Home for my Walmart purchases and receive occasional credits to spend on more preps. Yes, your information is out there, mine is already out there so I try to make my habits work for me.

The bonus of utilizing this principle is that if you have been prepping for a year, you know that you have one years worth or more of supplies. You will find your habits starting to change. 

Do you have a favorite tip to share with a newbie starting to prepare?

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