Monday, October 20, 2014

What I am reading and going to read...

Mr. Perky and I are big readers, with stacks and stocks of books all over and everywhere to include the living room, bedroom and our cars. I just thought I'd share what I am currently reading. Ugh! I just clicked on this morning and some of the recommendations were acting weird. So now some of the books will be linked in the title of the books.
In my car I am reading "Finding Elizabeth". While almost everything I read is about preparing in some way, including fiction; this book is about sexual human trafficking. I have been an abolitionist for several years now. Once I found out how prevalent it is in our communities, it changed my world. I have worked on educational seminars, building coalitions of churches to work together effectively and working with some survivors.  This book was written by a friend of mine and an acquaintance, all proceeds are going to fund restoration of trafficking survivors. Heads up, this is a faith based organization.

The book I am reading in the living room, is one that Mr. Perky wanted me to read. "Unintended Consequences". Excellent historical fiction on the weapons culture, which examines the how and why of gun control. 

Next up on deck for perusing over the winter is the "Fox Fire" series, I have heard so many wonderful things about the series, I finally decided to pick up the first three in the series. These were written in the 1960's to preserve the culture of Southern Appalachians, while those who did were still alive.

Tonight I just ordered the following four books. 
The final book (#10) in the 299 Days series. We will probably fight over who gets to read this first. 
EDITED: I just received "299 Days", which I am going to let Mr. Perky read first and "The Hot Zone" which I am rotating up to the top of my list and start reading today. 
"Living Without Electricity", since I try to plan all my preparations to the point of not having electricity. Who better to learn that from than the Amish.
The last two books, "The Hot Zone" and "Demon in the Freezer" non-fiction, are by a gentleman who actually worked in the Virginia facility when there was an outbreak of Ebola. 
I DO NOT recommend "The Hot Zone", if you have a tendency to be paranoid about diseases. You need a level head to read this true story. I am finding it extremely fascinating. About half way through. 


I have learned a lot about prepping, even from fiction. I have read a lot of recommendations from people in our community. 
What are your favorite books you have read on prepping?

For more books I have read and recommend; Perky Prepping Gramma's Store.

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  1. I have learned a lot from fictional books too. Thanks for these recommendations; just ordered 2 of them.