Monday, October 27, 2014

Water Bath vs. Pressure Canning

I have interesting conversations at Starbucks. Today I was chatting with one of my very favorite guests about canning. So, I thought I'd so a quick post on a couple basic principles of canning. Simple basics, never forgetting there were qusetions I didn't even know to ask when I started.
Food at the top of this chart may be water bathed or pressure canned. Please note with the way some tomatoes may be bred for low acidity and may need to actually be pressure canned.


(National Center for Home Food Preservation)

Foods that are strong alkali based, must be pressure canned. Also, understand there is a huge difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner.
You may cook in a pressure canner, but you can not can in a pressure cooker.
Note: I found it is important to measure your stove top to whatever is hanging or your stove carefully. Then compare that measurement to the height of your canner. When I ordered my All-American pressure canner, I thought i had measured carefully and I was off by about 1". Sad, sad, sad. 
Needless to say, when we were looking for property, I carried a tape measure with me. I was going to insure that my All-American pressure canner fit on my new stove!


Also, take into account how much canning you thing you will be doing. I find I do way more canning that I originally thought I would be and now am very thankful that when I purchased my All-American, that i was able to double stack when canning. The larger size was well worth the money for me when I was canning 40-60 pints of chicken.

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