Sunday, October 12, 2014

Using Ginger 5 Ways (o.k. it's really 6 ways)....

Candied Ginger
Last week I shared how I made candied ginger. Next time I made candied ginger I will be adding a lot less sugar.
Yummy Candied Ginger <(link to blog post)

Ginger Sugar
The ginger sugar was simply a by-product of making the candied ginger. When I took the candied ginger off the drying rack, there was sugar that remained on and under the tray, plus I rubbed off some excess sugar. I plan to use it s a topping on ginger cookies. For now it is just stored in a small canning jar.

Ginger water & Ginger ice cubes
Another by product of making the candied ginger - I hate to waste things, so I saved the water I boiled the ginger in and made ice cubes out of the water. It was very spicy.


Elderberry Juice with Ginger water
Since I had the spicy ginger water ice cubes, I added one to a batch of double batch elderberry juice.
Elder Juice with Ginger <(link to how to make elderberry juice)

Dehydrated Ginger
I dehydrated the smaller pieces of ginger that remained after I sliced the ginger for candy. How to Dehydrate Ginger <(link)

Ginger Water Kefir
Last, but certainly not least, I am in the middle of learning how to make water kefir. I am very excited about learning this new skill. The first batch is in the process of second fermentation and it is a ginger kefir water made with a ginger ice cube. I will be posting very soon about the process, hopefully this coming weekend. 

There you have it, 6 ways I used ginger over the last week. No waste and plenty of healthy preparations. I will be planting ginger when we get established at the homestead. 

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