Friday, October 31, 2014

Water Kefir (part 2)

I think I am becoming obsessed with water kefir. Seriously. This stuff is so good for you. I am working on building up probiotics in my body. Funny thing, I have never really been crazy about soda/pop or straight up juice.
But for me, water kefir is amazing. Here is how it is going in my "experiential kitchen".

photo credit Rawfully Tempting

Since I last posted, I have made a batch out of freeze dried fruit from Starbucks (strawberries and blueberries) & mango /orange juice. Plus, I have dehydrated blueberries, raspberries & some more juice (I really am just trying to get some bottles to store my kefir) and I have been dehydrating more fruit (mango and oranges) for coming batches.

I can't seem to make enough of it fast enough. I have even thought about getting more water kefir grains to up my production. The temperature in my house has been cool, so it has been taking 4-5 days for the kefir to ferment enough. The last batch & this batch I have sat on top of my dehydrator to speed up the process. I will be switching to raw sugar.

Shopping list:
The kefir on the left is the one I purchased first. Decided to go with organic. And as I am writing this up, I am ordering a larger batch. Going to kick it into high gear & share.

I had a smaller dehydrator when I started, it finally died. I opted for the 9 tray Excalibur Dehydrator (I saved up my money until I could afford it). I absolutely love it & keep it busy all the time.


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  Instructions with my first batch of Water Kefir

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