Thursday, October 9, 2014

Molon Labe

If you were to meet me in person on the street or as the singing barista at Starbucks you would probably just think, there is a nice older lady. But as you get to know me you will learn to "Beware of the fluffy gramma!" LOL. 

Even up to a year ago, the only bumper sticker you would find on my vehicle was an human trafficking awareness sticker. I have spent several years involved in raising awareness of human trafficking in the United States. After we visited Utah last year for Mr. Perky's Utah Concealed Carry Instructors recertification I added two more: Zion National Park and Death Valley.
Most recently, I added this "Molon Labe" signage. Knowing that in the very liberal Northern Virginia area, most people wouldn't recognize what this means.
Since doing this I have actually seen a couple more cars with this sticker...and it makes me smile.

 Since he has been a range master for 40 years & taught Utah Concealed Carry for about 10 years, Mr. Perky is the one who puts in the most effort in our defense. He has been a range master for over forty years. He keeps me on track for practicing my skills and taught me how to reload. I have been talking to him about possibly writing a post or two. We will see...


He brings me home gifts...


Honestly, those of you who follow me this isn't new info. It's just a "cull the herd post".
We will see how many "likes" go away. Keep on prepping! 


  1. What are the orange bullets?? Are they rubber?

    1. K Tate,
      They are practice ammo, sort of plastic like and they are used for practicing reloading magazines to increase speed. ~Perky~