Saturday, February 7, 2015

Getting Back to Goal Setting...

Goal Setting: Until recently I would set monthly goals, generally it involved canning/storing meat and something else (based on what I was learning or needed attention in storage). With getting the properties ready and moving everything, I have backed off on canning more meats. But I do have some meat in the freezer I have accumulated, which I will be canning once we get more settled in the new house. Basically I have been maintaining what I have stored, learning to use what I have & learning more skills.

What I Did in February:
Canned: blueberry juice, more milk
Dehydrated: more fruits (blueberries, pineapple, mandarin oranges & dehydrated meat (chipped beef)
Stored more: Coffee, milk, dehydrated fruits, dehydrated meats (chipped beef)
Skills learned/learning: learned to make blueberrywine, making vanilla extract, studying midwifery, still studying chickens, coops, etc.
Made more: actually this is more of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Maintaining water kefir, elderberry juice, meals 100% from storage,
Developed: An apron habit. LOL.
All of this has been documented on f/b, my blog and pinterest in case you missed something. There, that makes me feel better. Seeing this helps me realize I am still staying focused on my goals.
Would you like to share some of the things you accomplished this month?


  1. Hi Dorothy,
    Love your chart and how you are tracking what you have done for the month. I get so busy from month-to-month that I can't remember what I have done or need to do. I like the idea of keeping a record like this. Are you actually writing down what you have done on your chart? I like the idea of using a 3-ring binder to keep track of what I have done, any information I learned, and any changes needed, etc.
    Farm news: Hubby did a well test: results were not good. After only a little over an hour the well ran dry. We have found a company in WA - water locators who perform tests with special equipment. They've had exceptional results. They can tell you how deep the ground water is (if any), don't recognize salt water as ground water, and can estimate the gpms. If I remember correctly, they test 4 or 5 areas.
    We've made a counter offer on the Farm. If accepted, we will confirm with the Water Locators on Monday (2/9) and test will be done on 2/14 (Happy Valentine's Day to Us at the tune of $2,500). If water is found with sufficient gpms, we will drill a new well, buy a new pump and swallow hard - gulp! I'll keep you posted. Of course this is only if our counter offer is accepted.
    Interesting findings on the subject of canning butter. I have finally come to the conclusion: If YOU can it, I WILL too! LOL
    Happy Day My Friend - Bobbie :)

    1. Oh, Bobbie,
      You make me laugh.Thank you for your vote of confidence. I actually have a friend, who is constantly saying "Why didn't I listen to you?". I am not that wise, but I do glean information well.
      Actually, I don't write the things I have accomplished on a calendar. I am far to unorganized to do that. Honestly since I post my journey on-line, I just look back through my facebook and blog posts. LOL.