Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Create Storage Solutions (part 1)

These storage solutions are ideas that we are actually implementing, which I am hoping to share with you as we go. Thankfully we have the advantage of taking our time in moving to our new home, since we don't have two mortgages. In this process we are slowly building in storage solutions that specifically work in our space. Hopefully they will give you ideas that you are able to use in your home.

First we took picture of every available space we could think of to add storage. I am sort of using these photos as a draft blueprint when planning the storage solutions.

Example 1: Closet(s)
This is a photo of one of the closets, then we measured the usable space.

Based on those measurements, we started out purchasing two of these Seville shelving units that would fit the space (associates link).

The disadvantage I first discovered with commercial shelving units were that there was too much unused space for our intended purpose; because most units only have 3 or 4 shelves or you wind up stacking things haphazardly in the attempt to use the space up. We found that is was less expensive to use two shelving units to create “one unit” for our space than purchasing and adding additional individual shelves.
This unit was built specifically to store quart jars on the shelves. Mr. Perky actually used a jar to adjust the height of each shelf. Then added additional shelves as needed. 

(half way built)

The only disadvantage is we now have extra poles; but I am sure we will eventually find a way to use the left over poles for another purpose.
These Seville Shelving units have proved to be really easy to put together, hold a lot of storage weight (read in the product description) and extremely sturdy. We have been using them for several years now and I highly recommend them.
As we get further along in the process I will update you on the progress.

Now that we have the first shelf in place, we will be moving jars into this shelf and pulling the three shelves we already have built in our current home (below) to start filling in the space. We will be readjusting the height of the incoming shelves based on what we are storing.

1) See the left shelf: If you are storing bottles of water, I adjusted the bottom shelf to allow space for the bottles. It allowed me to have less weight on the shelves. This shelving unit was created to store 1/2 gallon vacuum sealed products. 
2) We filled in the corners with boxes from what I consider to be one of the best kept secrets in food storage, the
3) The unit on the right was also built with two Seville shelving units to fit pint jars.

4)Mr. Perky got ahead of me on this project and went ahead and built the shelves right side up. The next unit will be built with the shelves “upside down” so that an edge will be created on each shelf to better help keep the jars more firmly in place.

Example 2: Kitchen
Since most of the cabinets are adjustable in the kitchen cabinets, the plan is to actually place the items in their appropriate spots and adjust the shelves to minimize the space used. Then we will add an additional shelf to each cabinet.

TIP: Remember we will need to be cautious about how much weight we add to these built in cabinets. The plan is to only store lighter weight objects on the additional shelf we add.

Example 3: Water Storage
While this is in our current abode, I had to laugh. We have a boarder who is in our home all the time. After three years, last night was the first time she actually looked and asked what was the t.v. sitting on. LOL.
When we move the inside water storage barrels to our new home, we will probably still use it as our t.v. stand. Though I think we may add a simple wood structure around it to disguise it even more. We personal use the Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Kit (at posting currently $95.14, plus free shipping) which we purchased from, because it was far more cost effective than Amazon.

This is just the beginning. I would love for you to share ideas that you have actually used to store your items. We are all in this together. You never know when one persons tip will would the perfect solution for someone else. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing those tips, which are all more than welcome. Bottled water can be tough and problematic to store sometimes, so one should allot enough time and effort to look at the storage measurements and volumes. That should definitely be of great help in the times of emergencies and calamity, so it's worth to put our hearts onto. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Judith Harvey @ Aquaperfect

  2. Hi Judith,
    That was just one small tip. We actually have over 300 gallons of water stored various ways and also store appropriate filtration devices.