Friday, February 27, 2015

What in the world does this dress have to do with preparing?

First the question is: Is this dress white & gold or blue & black? I see a gold & white dress. Some will agree, others will swear it's black & blue. 

Credit: Courtesy of Caitlin

It's all about perception. I think we in the preparedness community often get caught up in various polarizing camps. When in reality we need to try to remind ourselves that simply being prepared is the higher goal.
None of us really know for certain if a catastrophic event occurs, what that event will be. But if we unify on being prepared to the best of our abilities, then we all win to a degree.
Now, don't get me wrong. There are sites I will not follow (support). Sites that are click-through (cannibalizing others work only to generate advertising profit for themselves), or fear mongering sites and hatred based sites (either way). For me, I do tend to listen to people who are actually doing the work & share their results. That tends to lead to more credible information. But, I still use my own brain and research to determine if it is correct for my family.
We can disagree about certain things, yet still work together for the greater good. 
I'll go back to my original premise, none of us have cornered the market on what actually will happen in the future. But, we will all gain if we work together more for the common goal of being a community of people what work towards being better prepared.
Join us as we work together. 

P.S. One interesting note, while this post on my facebook page garnered WAY more notice than the previous post an hour before of storage solutions; more people focused on the part about the dress, than the observation on being prepared. What are we doing to ourselves? 

The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of this Dress (
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