Monday, February 16, 2015

12 Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Symptoms

Have you been battling a cold or flu recently? It is certainly that time of year. Before running to the pharmacy, try some of these natural remedies to relieve your symptoms. 

1) Blow your nose properly. One side at a time.

2) Wash your hands

3) Drink plenty of fluids: Warm drinks helps relieve congestion and helps with hydration

4) Elderberry Syrup: I start taking this when I am exposed to someone with a cold. It is easy to make and certainly works for me. Usually I add some ginger.

Back Row: Elderberry Juice, Water Kefirs (mango & strawberry)
Front Row: Blue Berry Juice, Candied Ginger, 2 Go-Go Juices

"Elderberries contain natural substances called flavonoids. They seem to help reduce swelling, fight inflammation, and boost the immune system.
Studies have found that elderberry eases flu symptoms like fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue, cough, and body aches. The benefits seem to be greatest when started within 24 to 48 hours after the symptoms begin. One study found that elderberry could cut the duration of flu symptoms by more than 50%.
Lab studies have found that elderberry might be effective against H1N1, or swine flu." (Web M.D.)
5) Ginger Tea: Clears out those sinuses. I also keep some candied ginger on hand too.

6) Gargle: Try a teaspoon of salt dissolved in warm water, four times daily. "To reduce the tickle in your throat, try an astringent gargle - such as tea that contains tannin - to tighten the membranes. Or use a thick, viscous gargle made with honey or a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar, a popular folk remedy. Steep one tablespoon of raspberry leaves or lemon juice in two cups of hot water and mix in one teaspoon of honey. Let the mixture cool to room temperature before gargling." (from Web M.D.)

7) Cold or Hot packs on your congested sinuses: Wet a washcloth, warm it up in the microwave for about 50 seconds. Test the heat. Or cold may make it feel better, bag of frozen veggies.

8) DIY Nasal Saline Solution: I have been using this for years now at the first sign of a sinus infection or to clear out my sinuses. Findings show that if saline irrigation is used regularly, it can help to thin mucus, decrease postnasal drip, and cleanse your nasal passages of bacteria. The two main ways to use saline irrigation are with a Neti pot or small squirt bottle.
How To: In a clean container, mix 3 heaping teaspoons of iodide-free salt with 1 rounded teaspoon of baking soda and store in a small airtight container. Add 1 teaspoon of the mixture to 8 ounces (1 cup) of lukewarm distilled or boiled water.
Use less dry ingredients to make a weaker solution if burning or stinging is experienced. For children, use a half-teaspoon with 4 ounces of water. (Web M.D.)

If you get the Neil Med Sinus Kit, get the smallest one and make your own saline solution.
9) Take a steamy shower

10) Add Peppermint essential oil in the shower. Helps with the drainage of your nasal passages.

11) Rest: You know this, so put it into action, or inaction.

12) Other helpful foods:
  • Vitamin C-containing foods like bell peppers
  • Blueberries curb diarrhea and are high in natural aspirin, which may lower fevers and help with aches and pains
  • Carrots, which contain beta-carotene
  • Chili peppers may open sinuses, and help break up mucus in the lungs
  • Cranberries may help prevent bacteria from sticking to cells lining the bladder and urinary tract
  • Mustard or horseradish may helps break up mucus in air passages
  • Onions contain phytochemicals purported to help the body clear bronchitis and other infections
  • Black and green tea contain catechin, a phytochemical purported to have natural antibiotic and anti-diarrhea effects. (Web M.D.)
TIP: I also find that blueberry juice energizes me. I mix elderberry syrup & blueberry juice and call it Go-Go Juice.


  1. Great information. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
    We haven't had a cold here in at least 12-years. We don't even get headaches. But I like the idea of having the knowledge and being prepared when the time comes that we do get a cold or headache.
    Bobbie :)