Saturday, February 14, 2015

Showing off my new aprons...

Here I am in all my fluffy glory at work in one of my new aprons. I have recently been on an apron kick. Decided to spend my Christmas $$$ on all these aprons.
First in the line up are two aprons from Ikea. One pink floral, the other red. They are long and roomy, please note how the strap and string are one piece, making it more adjustable.

The first apron I purchased was handcrafted from Yoder's Market. While it is nice, after getting it I realized really quickly I wanted a lot more practical apron. I may give this one away...

I really wanted a cherry print apron, probably spent too much on this apron. But, great if you want something cutesy. Then believe it or not, Mr. Perky knew I was on this kick and he decided to buy this other cherry print apron. He certainly surprised me this on Valentines Day. 

The last two aprons are really my favorites. They are made by hand, by small businesses. I really love to support small businesses. Plus, they are very reasonably priced, especially since they are handmade.

First, there is this really sweet apron which I love from Farmgirl Treasures (482). They are just the sweetest seven sisters, who love to sew. I have fallen in love with them.

The nice things is, you are able to contact them on their etsy shop for custom orders. I also got a handwritten recipe from them. They do aprons, skirts, slip etc. Oh, and sweet doll clothes (think American Girl)...

The last of my aprons aren't here yet. I caught a sale on a bundle of this type of apron jumper at Katie's Mercantile (718). Again, these are made by hand, reasonably priced and they are a small business. I had already planned to purchase something like this & I got lucky.
I have purchased several other items I can't wait to show you when they arrive. Their store: 
Katie's Mercantile.

There you have it, the apron fashion show. My Christmas money is gone & I am as happy as can be. I believe I have enough aprons to last me forever.(173)
~Please, feel free to share a picture of your apron(s) on my Facebook page. I think everyone would get a kick out of the virtual apron fashion show. ~


  1. My aprons (I wear them daily) are like the full blue one, but without a back.