Thursday, February 12, 2015

DIY: How To Make Wine (part 2)

We are having our homemade blueberry wine for dinner tonight. The two weeks of  fermentation time has passed & it is time to bottle our home brew.

I made two small batches, one with honey, the other with raw organic sugar. After the fermentation process, I found very little difference in the final taste.
So I gathered my siphoning equipment: the fermented juice, swing top bottle & food grade tubing.

It's is fairly important to actually siphon the wine out of the original container, this eliminates the sediment that has settled in the bottom for the jars. See the sediment in the bottom of my container?

Actually I was amazed at how simple this was to make the wine. The skill level necessary is very basic. Obviously, you are able to apply this DIY wine making process to other fruits, I just happened to have some nice blueberries to work with. The wine tastes fine and is dry. 
I are going to experiment with this process more.
Chalk up another skill learned! 

I currently have access to a lot of fruit that would make great wine at this time and plan on growing more soon.
What I need to increase is my storage of yeast. Currently we have only three pounds of yeast stored in the freezer.
This is the blog post on the first steps of making the wine: DIY: How To Make Blueberry Wine

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