Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Test: Will Pressure Canned Heavy Whipping Cream Still Whip?

Being the curious gramma that I am, I wanted to test to see if pressure canned heavy whipping cream could still be whipped into whipped cream. 

First, I pressure canned heavy whipping cream, the very same way I pressure can any white stuff from cows.

The good thing is pressure canning the cream makes it shelf stable.
Here is the thing: It loses some of the fat content in the pressure canning process so it won't whip up for whipped cream any more. but, I have used it for cooking and for ice cream. Regular whipping cream: Yummy!

Trying to whip up heavy whipping cream that has been pressure canned. It will aerate some, BUT, it just won't turn into true whipped cream. A little soupy. It was a yummy treat.

There you have the results of my test. Now you know too.

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