Saturday, January 31, 2015

Storing Cigarettes: Test Review

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Today we are talking about storage cigarettes. 
Whether it is for personal use or barter; the topic of storing cigarettes (tobacco products, etc) comes up frequently in discussions about bartering. But, I haven't seen anyone yet, that actually tried to store cigarettes.
Doing what I do, I decided to test out storing cigarettes a little over a year ago (December 2013).

One pack was simply vacuum sealed, the other (2 plus packs) was vacuum sealed in a canning jar. 

The results were as follows: 
Actually the vacuum sealing was an epic fail. LOL. Could pretty much tell that from the start. Crushed the cigs & thinking it through it would be a huge waste of money, particularly with the cost of the Food Savers bags. Though the cigarette was still fairly fresh.
The cigarettes that were vacuum sealed in the canning jar fared much better. But still the added cost of using jars really doesn't make it worth it. The cigarette itself was as fresh as it was when it went in.
All in all, if I was going to choose to store cigarettes for barter (not convinced of that at all), I think I would just stored the cartons as is. If there is a shortage, I would say most people who would be that desperate for a cigarette, wouldn't care about the freshness.
Now, storing tobacco seeds is a different idea all together. I do know there are people who are storing & or growing tobacco already. If you wanted to think of storing tobacco as a cash crop or for bartering I think storin seeds would be more practical.
Personally, I have purchased tobacco seeds. Honestly, I don't even know if these seeds are for smoking. We will see how that goes later. Growing tobacco isn't high on my list at this time. It is going to be one of those on my list of things to do. It does take practice to grow these types of products. Plus, I want it to be in a completely secure location to protect the animals.

If you have stored tobacco products I would be interested in your observations.

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  2. My mom use to store her cartons of cigarettes in the refrigerator for months on end. She said they stayed fresh this way. I've also heard of putting the carton into food saver bags and freezing them. I think I remember a friend who use to freeze her cartons of cigarettes but so much time has passed since then that I can't verify this.
    If I were going to save cigarettes for barter - I'd save them in bags and freeze them. I think cigarettes are going become extremely valuable to smokers when times get rough.
    As always - GREAT POST! Bobbie

  3. Wouldn't it be better to just vacuum seal tobacco? It's also cheaper to buy. If you wanted you could store papers and filters also. In time of need I'm sure people will barter the same.

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  5. I think better to store it as is. Nothing bad will happen to quality. But they have to be stored in dry place. ..

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