Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First, things first...

Imagine the scenario: You have just woken up and you turn on your faucet and there is no water flowing...
What will you do? Do you have water stored? 
I am going out on a limb here. From what I have heard people usually put off getting a supply of water as one of the last things to prepare. You need to really think about this. But, not just think about, actually take the very first step: make the decision to start preparing.
Chances are if you list what you use each day, water is the first thing you use. Know your living situation. Since we started preparing the two times I have had to use my supplies: I needed heat sources (heat pump stopped working over a holiday weekend) & I have used the water during a short term contamination situation.

I will admit it took me over a year to store water. But, we have since made up for that with 6 months of stored water, plus extra for the puppies and for flushing. 

Water The general recommendation is one gallon per person each day. Note that is the bare minimum. I would strongly encourage you to actually store more. Will you need to add water to your food? Will you plan on making coffee? Personally I drink close to a gallon of water a day, I store at least 3 gallons a day for the two of us & additional water specifically for our dogs.

I got these bottles of Deer Park water for $1 each.

Do not get the kind that comes in the milk carton type of container. Too many times I have heard people talk about these containers leaking. 

Don't forget pets. For our puppies I washed out PET containers

This week I purchased another Sawyer Water Filter (left) to add to the one we already own (on the right). 

We have already moved our rain barrels and are going to move our in house water storage. That's 170 gallons of water stored.
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Wait, here is more information on water storage & the next steps in preparing for you to read. 
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