Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why the FoodSaver Would be My First Tool Purchase for Preparing...

Actually we already had the FoodSaver when we started preparing. Mr. Perky had purchased it for freezing up meats. It does a bang up job and really does extend the freezer life of various foods.
But, make sure you get the version that has the accessory tube/port for vacuum sealing. For me, this has been an invaluable tool for storage.
Here is just one example why...
As you know I have been packing to move and have been finding some...uh...things I didn't preserve so well from the beginning. Take this package of dehydrated mushrooms. I hate to admit it, but these mushrooms were infested with moths. Ugh! Straight to the outside trash they went!

Learn from my mistakes. What you need to remember is that the plastic bags for the sealer are still air permeable which allows for bugs to get in, grow & for degradation of the product.
I am really glad I have been vacuum sealing my mushrooms and other foods for a very long time.
Vacuum sealing with the FoodSaver is actually very simple. They have lasted about two years and are still in fantastic shape. I picked up the lid attachments (both regular & wide mouth). 

1) Take off the ring from the jar. Add attachment. The lid is dated with when I dehydrated or put the item in the container.

TIP: You may use "used" lids after canning for this purpose. But, I highly recommend only using the best used ones, without nicks. I have found that sometimes these lids will unseal because they can't create a tight permanent seal. 

2) Attach the nozzle from the accessory port on the Food Saver.


3) Hit the button.

TIP: If you are having difficulties getting a seal, sometimes you may use two lids when sealing & only one will attach. Not sure why this works, but lots of people have to do this extra little step. Then, pop off the nozzle from the accessory tube. Also, I have found that older canning jars have a higher failure rate for vacuum sealing.

4) Take off the lid attachment.


There you have it. Everything from dehydrated chipped beef, blueberries, raspberries, mushrooms, crackers & Amish noodles to storing your favorite chocolate for when the grid goes down.

It really that easy to vacuum seal & store your food for a very long time. After your basic purchase you may want to consider this: a Mityvac Automotive Test and Bleeding Kit, for when the grid is down. 

It is simple to use & you will be able to seal and reseal your jars if there isn't electricity (How to instructions here). 


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