Saturday, May 2, 2015

Memories of Lilacs...

Outside the bedroom window, when I was a child there stood a grand lilac bush. In those days, we slept with windows thrown wide open and in the spring time I would fall asleep the the gentle scent of lilacs wafting through my room. An indelible memory that I have carried with me my entire life.

We purchased our current home in September some 20 years ago. This was the first home I owned and was so excited to make it my own. I shared with my dear husband the wish of having lilacs planted outside my bedroom window & we made plans for the following spring.
Early in the spring, I was cleaning the bedroom and open the blinds & what to my wondering eyes did appear? Two majestic 8 foot lilac bushes in full bloom! I ran outside, clipped some boughs and set out bouquets through out  my home. I just knew that was a miracle planned just for me.
We always have known that we would be the children that took in our parents if the need ever arose. Several years went by and we needed to arrange for my mother-in-law to come live with us. We scrimped & saved to build an addition for mom. It's a lovely addition, complete with a living room, kitchenette, bedroom & bathroom.

During the construction, one day I saw... 
My lovely lilac bushes...gone.
I grieved over my lilacs, yet I knew at this point in our journey that taking care of mom and her having her own little place was critical. More important than my majestic lilacs. She was with us for five years before she passed away. 

Through out the ensuing years we've tried a couple of times to grow more lilacs in our yard with out any luck. This week, Mr. Perky was working on the farm and I was packing at home. Yes, I am still packing. He came home and asked me to come outside. There sitting on the porch...two lilac bushes.
Mr. Perky doesn't say he loves me in words, but a gesture like this...he remembered how important lilacs are to me & that is worth a million I love you's in my book.

I really pray that these lilac bushes of love thrive and grow to be majestic memory makers in our new home.

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