Saturday, May 23, 2015

Perky Gramma has Fun

I realize that you mostly see the serious side of me here, but honestly I am a really silly creative person. I shared that I want to build a little "gnome home" in my yard, but geared more for the Borrowers.  

I had a collection of tiny items that I gave to my grandchildren a couple years ago for Christmas, with their first "Borrowers" book. I pretended that my home housed a family of Borrowers named the Fireplace family. They were sending gifts to the Borrower family who then lived at my grandchildren's house.
There was a little Christmas card and a wee letter...


Here the children are reading the letter with the magnifying glass...

Here are some of the petite sized gifts that were given.

Then I made a passel of teeny, tiny books. If you would like to make these books here is the tutorial:  DIY Teeny, Tiny Books

It was grand fun as we spent the day looking into various places in the house to see if we could find the miniature family hiding.
Obviously, I need to start a new collection for my yard...

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