Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nifty Tip to Open Cans Without a Can Opener

Peter Bendall Kear shared "Guy asked me how would you open a can assuming you did not have any form of can opener or even a knife without possible spilling the contents. I told him I would rub through the lid's rim either on a large flat stone, cement, or using a smaller stone run around the rim (preferred). He said what so I went on to explain how cans are rolled and sealed. Then I thought about it and while I had time I found this simple video I thought I would share with you all because I am betting a few of you do not know this trick and honestly it is good information to know.

BTW it was shared on another prepping site so it seems the conversation and then this bit of info happened to all fall together. Oh and the small stone is simply worked in a circle around the rim of an upright can thus no spillage."

I personally found it interesting that shortly after seeing this video for the first time, I learned why this works? It is the way they flange the lid onto the can at the factory. The top actually wraps around the body of the can, like the picture below. When you use the concrete or rock, you are simply rubbing off that top layer. Cool!

I still store a lot of can openers, since two is one and one is none.

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