Friday, May 29, 2015

Looking for a Great Light Source? UCO Cadlelier Review

I am constantly searching for products that I am able to use in the event of an electrical outage. Be it short-term or if perchance it becomes a way of life. 
Mr. Perky and I have had several chats about committing to simply becoming less dependent on electricity as a life style choice. I like finding products that use various types of fuel sources. I have tried several products that haven't worked as well as I would like. 
The UCO Candlelier® Candle Lantern which uses three 9-hour candles which I feel makes the Candlelier an excellent choice for home and emergency use. The Candlelier employs spring-loaded candle tubes, twist-lock base, aluminum body, and glass chimney. 

For me I really liked the amount of light it puts out. My big test was to see if I am able to read by the light emitted & I was able to with out any problems what so ever.
It has a heat shield on the top which they said will produce enough heat to heat small amounts of liquid. Initially I didn't have it seated well enough on top, you sort of have to push it down inside. It does get hot, just ask my silly fingers that "tested" the heat. It definitely heated up some water.

The Candlelier comes with 3 regular candles. We purchased several extra packs of candles.
Now that I am comfortable with the product, I will be getting more candles and a citronella set of candles (to try out) for my storage.

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  1. I have been debating getting one of these since we moved. Do the candles burn even? Do you have to use a specific candle? Definitely want to get one now. ~Amy

    1. Amy,
      The candles do burn evenly, becasue of the tubes the cand;es sit in.

  2. Perky, I have read that burning citronella indoors can cause some people to have headaches and breathing problems. I am grateful for your article on the UCO Candlelier. Please keep us informed on any other grid free items. Thank you.