Friday, December 5, 2014

Want to increase your situational awareness? A challenge...

I believe I maintain a strong situational awareness in my everyday life. This week, I experienced an even higher level of awareness when I withdrew a very large sum of cash (all in $20 bills) from my bank. Actually I had to smile when the cashier at the bank when she reverified that I wanted that amount in $20 bills. Needles to say she was a little surprised. 

As with all skills I believe it is important to practice. What I am able to share, is that for the short time I was carrying this cash, I was still doing the same things I normally do. But I waited longer to assess my location before walking about, I held my purse closer, I made sure I had access to my defense readily available.
Most people I think will assume they are at the peak of their awareness and won't give this a second thought. I want to encourage you to challenge yourself.

Are you able to pretend? Either carry something of great value with you for a day and see if your situational awareness level changes. Or print out this picture and pretend it is real and carry it with you.

(Image from Wkipedia Commons)

If you decide to accept this challenge, afterwards please post on the wall what you observed.
We will see...

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