Saturday, December 13, 2014

Musings: Thinking ahead and family...

Mr. Perky is of “retirement age”. I can't ever imagine him not working.
Our plan is for him to stop working at his “job” at 70 (not far off), but as we speak we are amping up our “retirement home” location. We have added a garage for him to continue to work in and we going to create a backroom classroom for both of us to be able to teach classes.

Future Classroom
There is actually more room than this

Sometimes I think there is a caretaker gene. Some people have it and others don't. Others sometimes are forced into caring for the parent(s). I know there is a variety of family dynamics that play into this.
When Mr. Perky's mom got in trouble financially, his brother chose not to have her in his household. I think we have always just known that we would be the ones to take care of our parents, another reason I adore my husband.
I spent 10 years traveling back and forth to Indiana for each emergency with my father's heart problems. Months taking care of the situations, because I knew my brother's (who live there) couldn't handle the situation.
Mr. Perky's mom lived next to us for the last five years of her life. We had a hobby room, which happens to have a full bath, bedroom and kitchen set up added to our home. I am hoping this will be a big advantage when we sell our current location.
The hobby room

While we probably won't be able to add another hobby room for my mom, she has always been in our plans. We chose to make sure we had at least 3 bedrooms in our new home. She is cute, because she does know this and teases about it all the time.
Small room, but for mom

While we plan to be able support our children and grandchildren with our preparations if things go south; I don't foresee that our children will have those types of plans for me. I am 11 years younger than Mr. Perky.

But, I have a back-up plan for that also. Still working it out, but I have some time.

This journey is far more than being prepared for the end of the world as we know it. In the end I simply trust and continue to step forward into the journey where it leads me. 

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