Thursday, December 11, 2014

4 Simple Ways I Use Coconut Nut Oil

Giant “how to'” lists leave me befuddled. You know what I am talking about "172 Ways to Start a Fire with a Paper Clip". That's just me and it's why I generally list just a few things at a time & list only ways I have actually used the said item.  One of the bigger changes I have made while learning to prepare was to convert to using coconut oil in my life. One of the first books I read was "The Coconut Oil Miracle" by Bruce Fife. Now all I use is coconut oil.

1. Cooking Oils: I use it for frying and melt it to replace oil in recipes. Besides being healthy, it also stores indefinitely which is a huge bonus in my book. 

2. Moisturizer: I keep a ramekin of coconut oil in my bedroom. Here it has actually saved me a lot of money. I now use it as my facial moisturizer and apply it to anything dry: feet, elbows...
I use just a wee bit at a time. When I say just a wee bit, this is the amount I work with.  

3. After applying it, I also run my hands through my wet hair to smooth and condition.

4. Base for essential oil salves: I find that adding essential oils to a base (oil or coconut oil) extends the smell-life. LOL.

As always remember “use one, buy two” principle of storage. I do order mine from Amazon (associates link below). The one I use is organic extra virgin coconut oil, and a large 54 Ounce size. Generally for us this amount lasts about 9 months and I have about 5 years worth of coconut oil stored. 


Share some of the ways you use coconut oil back on Facebook, maybe we will learn something new from each other.

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