Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Shhh! (read this post in a whisper)

(read this post in a whisper)
I tiptoed into the kitchen to snap a picture of Mr. Perky. I didn't want to startle him and make him bolt away. I captured him making pineapple jelly all by himself. He was so determined. Every few minutes he would peek his head out of the kitchen and ask a question.

I helped him find the pectin, the proper jars, he learned about the recent changes on preparing canning lids and the biggie: he had pulled out the pressure canner to process his jelly. Water Bath vs. Pressure Canning (40)
It was easier at that point in time to show him how to use the pressure canner as a water bath canner.

Actually I had a blast. One of the things I have thought about is teaching people how to can when we get settled in our new home. I enjoy teaching and honestly do rather well at teaching, especially children. Just one of those thoughts rambling around in my head. Maybe I could teach a parent & child class. What do you think?
The thing is Mr. Perky really likes jam, jelly and marmalade. I am not a fan. Not sure why, If anything I put honey on my toast and sorghum on my biscuits. I have store some jelly for Mr. Perky and one day just suggested he may want to try his hand at canning. 

I am very proud of him, he did a great job and the jelly turned out great!

This is the recipe he used: Certo Pineapple Jelly

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