Saturday, December 13, 2014

My mother the pole dancer...

My mother is a kick. She will be 76 this month and is a consummate storyteller. I won’t do this story justice I’m sure, but I just have to relate it.

Her most recent job was gathering research data on people living in the inner city. 

One of the people she needed to contact lived in an apartment above an establishment called “Sassy Kat’s”. An almost neon pink building on a corner in the “hood”.
She found the office around the back of the building and spoke to the manager who offered to give her a tour.
When they walked in off the street, there was a large portioning wall. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room.
Round tables and chairs crowded the room. And along one wall there was a large square table, with chairs and a pole rising up in the middle.

This is the conversation that ensued...

“Oh, so you have dancers?”
“Well, yes…”
“Girls and boys?”
“No, only girls…”
“Are they all young?”“No, we actually have someone in here in her sixties…”

Well, mom just loves to tell this story, teasing that this is probably going to be her next “job”. This cracks me up and embarrasses my brothers.

She had also decided she wanted me to take pictures of her at her various hang outs. She wanted to send pictures to her brother that chronicled her job.
We spent a fun filled day, driving around the inner city in her “hood” and taking pictures.
As she primped for her picture at “Sassy Kat’s”, here is what I saw in the viewfinder of my camera.

That's right. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Amateur Tryouts 8-10 p.m.

If you look closely, you are able to see we added "Happy New Year" to the photo and this is the cover of her New Year's card this year.

You would think this has nothing to do with preparing, except that fact that my mother is extremely keen on situational awareness. She spent 20 years as a case worker for adults and fragile children in the hard core inner city.
I have actually been blogging for about 9 years now. I had another blog that focused on stage designs and experiential worship experiences. This is an edited post from that site. 

Doncha' wish your mother was cool like mine?

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