Thursday, November 20, 2014

Storing with Mylar Bags

(Photo from LDS Store website)
When I started prepping, there was so much I needed to learn. I started prepping with out even knowing "prepping" was a thing. Honestly for about 6 months in the beginning, I simply just bought and put things back based on a list I had made of items that we used daily.

Air, moisture, light, temperature & vermin are the enemies of food storage.

Self-Reliance- Home Storage Store (<--- link to LDS Store), is where I purchase my Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers (OA's). Everything there is really cost effective and shipping is FREE. But, you will be purchasing in higher volumes. Personally I like the fact that their Mylar bags are twice as thick as others I have found. The Amazon link below, is less of an outlay of money if you want to just try things out. But, note that the Amazon link bags are 3.5 mm Mylar Bags vs. 
7 mm think Mylar bags vs. on the bags from the LDS Store. 

(Photos from LDS Store website)

When it comes to cost effectiveness and ease, the LDS Store is the Best Kept Secret (<--- article on LDS Store order) for purchasing certain foods and some equipment with free shipping. 
My first attempt at storing with Mylar bags was interesting: Storing Dessert Mixes in Mylar Bags. This article has pictures.
1) Prepare your items in the Mylar bags ahead of time. 

2) Then open your oxygen absorbers & place them in the bags just before you seal them. The OA's start absorbing air as soon as they are opened. Prepare ahead of time to have a container (I use a canning jar) ready. Whatever OA's are left, simply stuff them in the jar and add a lid and ring.

3) Squish out as much air as possible, add OA's and then seal the bag. I used my Food Saver Vacuum Sealer, Mylar bags and OA's. The Food Saver will NOT take the air out of Mylar bags, but if you have one, it WILL seal the bags. You may also use an iron (don't use the steam setting) or flat iron. 

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Here are some recent purchases I have made and talked about in posts:


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