Saturday, November 15, 2014

ECD Car Supplies: All because of baseball

Mr. Perky cracks me up & I am grateful. 
Today's shipment is all because of our grandsons baseball game we attended about two weeks ago & the increase in our travel time to and from the "vacation home". 
First, we are now traveling several times week to the farmstead. Mr. Perky now insists that I carry my BOB (bug out bag) in my vehicle. Just in case something should happen.
Next, we were at a baseball game not long ago and it was cold. It was dark, cold and very windy. I was really surprised how unprepared most of the families were for the weather. It was 'bleeping' cold. Three hours.
One dad, a hunter pulled out his blind and propane heater for the children to huddle in during the game.

Thankfully, I had hand warmers (which I need to replenish, since I gave them all away), boots, hats, scarves and my Carhartt quilted bib overalls in my car to bundle up with. I certainly was the most prepared.

Anyway, Mr. Perky's reaction was to add more to my car from Sportsman Guide
Last night, our shipment arrived.

For some reason we now have two more sleeping bags.
What cracked me up was we already have sleeping bags, but I really liked his thought process of this adding this sniper bag for future baseball games. LOL. 
Plus, he got 4 Swiss Army blankets.
These are great additions for you to add to your bug-out-bag.


  1. Great idea with the bag! I could use one myself. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get a lot of cold, wet weather. We attend our grandsons baseball and football games and this old grandma is always cold. I wear so many layers of clothes that I can barely walk up the bleacher stairs. Oh, and I always take at least two home crocheted afghans. One to share and one to wrap up with. I'm sure I'd be laughed out of the stands if I pulled out that bag and stuffed myself into it. Makes me smile just thinking of it!
    Tell Mr. Perky -- Good Job!
    Bobbie :)

    1. You can bet on it, I will be using it next fall. :D And stocking up on hand warmers.